Mecomed Presses for MedTech’s Role in providing Value-Based Healthcare by enhancing digital innovation

By Inna Nadelwais, Executive Director, Mecomed

Standfirst: Driving innovation and progress with economic advantages.

On significant days of recognition, such as World Health Day, it is an occasion to not only remind ourselves of the importance of providing high quality affordable healthcare to people all over the world, but to actively apply strategies and put plans in place to reach the desired outcome. In line with other leading organizations like WHO, Mecomed has continued to support worthwhile causes and advancements in overall global health standards. The effects of Covid-19 have spotlighted the deep divide between those who are living healthier lives and those who are held back by where they were either born, raised, reside, work, or by their age.

Like any other global issue, a collaborative effort of leading figureheads and organizations can create a positive impact in areas of the region that require the most attention in the healthcare sector, an area in which MedTech industry plays a crucial role. Over recent years and especially post-pandemic, there has been an acceleration in MedTech value-based solutions’ implementation in the MEA region, as governments have been presented with opportunities to test newer healthcare models. The success behind the value is driven by the improvements MedTech has to offer through its wide array of applications “from diagnosis to cure”, as well as cost-effective care and fewer complications. This, in turn, leads to encouraging patients to embrace home care, while telemedicine, connected patients’ devices, and other capabilities are truly transforming the entire healthcare landscape.

MedTech, now more than ever, has incorporated digital capabilities to keep up with ever-growing patient demands. Digital surgery, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, electronic health records, telemedicine, internet of things, among others, are steadily gaining their place in the patient care continuum. The distance created by Covid-19 has opened doors for more convenient and unique ways of early detection and diagnosis or screening for high-risk patients.

Advocating for value-based MedTech solutions, Mecomed consistently aims to uphold the regulatory and compliance standards that ultimately ensure each patient’s wellbeing. In addition, innovative technologies in the medical field have created a more comfortable environment to build the trust of patients who desire the best healthcare without denting their financial standing. Equally important, these developments have been supported by the newly evolved healthcare digital space, which has been boosted by Mecomed member companies. The continuous collective effort empowers MedTech and Healthcare professionals to advance their digital solutions in a time when it is required most: post-pandemic.