Who we are

Shaping the industry, while putting the patient first

Established in 2009, Mecomed is the medical devices, imaging, and diagnostics trade association, serving as the voice of international medical technology manufacturers and their partners across the Middle East & Africa.

Mecomed spearheads initiatives to work closely with healthcare officials in MEA countries and coordinates efforts helping set credible healthcare standards for the region. In addition to this, Mecomed puts the core competencies of its constituent members to formulate, evolve and sustain ethical business practices.

The value we add

  • Enable faster access to the latest medical technology and innovation.
  • Partner with and bring together all the different MedTech industry stakeholders.
  • Help shape an ethical and sustainable healthcare environment.
  • One voice in addressing issues facing the industry and healthcare.
  • Direct channel of communication with healthcare authorities across the region.

What we do

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do at Mecomed.

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of best practices and accountability, and working with multiple stakeholders, we continuously strive to maintain a compliant and regulated marketplace that ensures patient safety through our initiatives and policies.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work towards bringing together healthcare stakeholders to foster good citizenship, encourage value-based healthcare, and work proactively with governments to increase patient access to the latest, cutting-edge industry innovations.

Today, our growing pool of member-companies are equally driven and committed to bringing these innovations to the region, while adhering to the guidelines of ethics and safety.

Our deep sense of responsibility to the people of this region has served as our compass – guiding us to achieve fulfilling and impactful milestones.

Through the hard work of our teams, we have managed to attain a position of positively influencing the healthcare ecosystem by partnering with governments and international bodies to foster a spirit of transparency and ethical practice and by helping in building local capacities.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to elevating healthcare standards in the region and in positioning MEA at the forefront of global industry standards and initiatives.

Our stakeholders