The Role of the MedTech Industry in Value-Based Healthcare

MedTech plays a key role in the success of value-based healthcare.

Globally, payers and governments worldwide are under intense pressure.

In the Middle East & Africa, governments have the opportunity to move faster than developed economies in implementing value-based agendas.

New performance-based healthcare delivery models focus on improving outcomes and generating savings by introducing more accurate and efficient care and cost-effective procedures with fewer complications, reducing patients’ hospital length of stay by conducting preventative wellness screenings, effective patient triage, encouraging home care, implementing patient pathways, telemedicine, connected patients’ devices and other capabilities.

Locally, governments recognize the importance of value-based healthcare and are stimulating efforts and engagements in transforming the current state of healthcare.

MedTech plays a key role in the success of value-based healthcare by:

  • Providing innovative products, services and solutions for critical health issues;
  • Supporting cost-containment in chronic disease management through early diagnosis or screening for identifying at-risk patients;
  • Creating shared value for patients and healthcare stakeholders in collaboration with payers and providers through value-based care delivery models;
  • Facilitating patient-centered data collection and real-world evidence;
  • Incorporating digital capabilities including digital surgery, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotic process automation, electronic health records, telemedicine, Internet of Things etc.;
  • Providing platforms and tools for measuring value in the care delivery context.