Mecomed is the medical devices, imaging and diagnostics trade association serving as the voice of international Medical Technology manufacturers across the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

Mecomed aims to bring all healthcare stakeholders together to improve the quality of people’s health through the timely introduction of Medical Technology innovations, which ultimately benefits the MEA community.

We foster good citizenship and promote ethical business behavior, working proactively with governments, regional bodies and healthcare professionals to deliver quality solutions for better patient outcomes.

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Mecomed has six steering groups serving distinct purposes, all working towards collective goals

Facilitating the ideal atmosphere for mutual growth among its members, compliance with regulations, upholding ethical practices, encouraging clinical excellence and maintaining the ideal economic balance between cost to patients and sound return on investment to those providing healthcare in the MEA region.

Shaping the industry and keeping the patient first

Membership is open to all MD&D companies and their qualified partners operating throughout the Middle East & Africa region.

Supporting Ethical Business Practices

Mecomed publishes guidelines & tools designed to facilitate ethical interactions with Healthcare Professional & Healthcare Organisations

Disclosure Platform

A centralised transparency platform for the industry to discloses all financial contributions provided to independent medical education.

Self Certification

A platform to allow organizations to demonstrate their commitment to the ethical standards included in the Code of Ethical Business Practice to the industry partners.

Conference Vetting System

An independently managed system which reviews the compliance of Third-Party Educational Events with Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.