Integrating ESG into our Industry

Integrating ESG into our Industry: A Vital Step Forward

By: Rami Rajab, Chairman of MECOMED, Middle East and Africa Trade Association for Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Imaging


In an era marked by a growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible business practices, the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) have become central to the success and reputation of various industries. Within the medical devices sector, these principles are not just buzzwords but vital components of a sustainable business model. As an association representing the interests of the Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Imaging trade, we find it important to shed light on ESG and its significance for our industry.

Mecomed was also invited to participate to the Future Sustainability Forum held in Dubai early October and with the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in the UAE end of this year, we expect an increased scrutiny on ESG in the region.

  1. Understanding ESG in the Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Imaging Context

    • Environmental:
      The medical devices industry has unique environmental challenges, ranging from energy consumption in production to waste management of obsolete devices. The ‘E’ in ESG focuses on minimizing ecological footprints, ensuring regulatory compliance, and adopting practices that mitigate environmental harm.
    • Social:
      The ‘S’ stands for social responsibility, emphasizing human rights, labour practices, and community engagement. For medical devices companies, this includes maintaining ethical relationships with suppliers, promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce, and aligning products with the greater good of public health including patients’ safety companies’ contributions to society.
    • Governance:
      Governance revolves around the ethical conduct of a company’s management. It emphasizes transparency, integrity, and adherence to laws and regulations, creating a framework for responsible decision-making in addition to management diversity and board’s independence.
  2. Why is ESG Important for the Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Imaging Industry?

    • Reputation Management:
      In an industry that directly impacts human lives, maintaining trust is paramount. ESG helps in building a positive reputation by highlighting a commitment of the industry and specifically Mecomed members, to ethical practices.
    • Risk Mitigation:
      ESG principles help in identifying and managing risks related to environmental regulations, social issues, and governance failures, allowing for a more resilient business approach and avoiding a clash with a rapidly changing policies.
    • Investor Attraction:
      Investors today are keenly interested in companies with strong ESG performance. By aligning with ESG principles, our companies can attract a broader range of investors.
    • Long-term Sustainability:
      ESG is not just about immediate benefits but setting the stage for long-term success. Integrating these principles helps in building a more sustainable and socially responsible business model.
  3. The Way Forward

    As Mecomed, we advocate a collaborative approach to embedding ESG principles within the industry. This includes:

    • Educating members about the importance of ESG.
    • Developing guidelines and frameworks to help companies adopt best practices.
    • Engaging with regulators, authorities, and stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences, create supportive policies and ensure that while supporting local authorities’ sustainability agendas, we work together to minimize the disruptions of the supply and availability of our solutions to the patients.
    • Facilitating collaboration between members to share knowledge and resources.


ESG is not a peripheral issue but a core business strategy, essential for the future of our industry. By recognizing its importance and taking proactive steps towards integration, we can drive our industry towards greater sustainability, responsibility, and success.