Mecomed Signs MOU with US MedTech Association AdvaMed

Mecomed Signs MOU with US MedTech Association AdvaMed

Dubai, UAE – Mecomed, the Medical Technology Association in the Middle East and Africa, announced today that it has entered into a formal relationship, through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The US Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) to facilitate collaboration between the two organizations.

AdvaMed CEO and President Scott Whitaker and MECOMED Chairman Rami Rajab hosted a signing ceremony on 16th February 2021, joined by Thomas Bruns, Regional Senior Commercial Officer for the Gulf, UAE U.S. Embassy.

“Under the MOU, AdvaMed and Mecomed have agreed to ‘cooperate and coordinate activities on matters of mutual interest,’ to advance patient care, improve public health and support the medical technology industry in the U.S. and the MEA region,” said Rajab. “USA is a home to almost 70% of our member companies’ headquarters and AdvaMed is one of the world’s most influential MedTech Associations. This agreement will improve and enhance our mutual effectiveness in advocating for industry’s positions and improving patients’ access to the most innovative technologies in the MEA region”, he added.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how global our health care system is,” said Whitaker. “Communication, coordination, and collaboration between international partners has never been more important to save and improve patients’ lives. That’s why I’m so pleased AdvaMed and MECOMED have formalized this important relationship. This MOU will make it easier to share information and exchange ideas, and we’ll be able to leverage this partnership to raise awareness and advance the international policy and awareness necessary to increase patient access to life-saving technologies.”

Established in 2009, Mecomed is the medical devices, imaging, and diagnostics trade association, serving as the voice of 45 international medical technology manufacturers and their partners across the Middle East & Africa. Mecomed spearheads initiatives to work closely with healthcare officials in MEA countries and coordinates efforts helping set credible healthcare standards for the region. In addition to this, Mecomed puts the core competencies of its constituent members to formulate, evolve and sustain ethical business practices.

Areas of collaboration may include, but not be limited to:

  • Business ethics and anticorruption;
  • International regulatory convergence and good regulatory practices;
  • Trade facilitation;
  • Promotion of patient access to technology and value-based healthcare.

About Mecomed

Mecomed is the medical devices, imaging and diagnostics trade association serving as the voice of international Medical Technology manufacturers across the Middle East & Africa (MEA).

Mecomed aims to bring all healthcare stakeholders together to improve the quality of people’s health through the timely introduction of Medical Technology innovations, which ultimately benefits the MEA community.

We foster good citizenship and promote ethical business behavior, working proactively with governments, regional bodies and healthcare professionals to deliver quality solutions for better patient outcomes.