About Mecomed Disclosure

Mecomed Disclosure is a Mecomed centralised transparency platform where the industry discloses all financial contributions provided to independent medical education, which may be supported through the provision of Educational Grants to Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) / Professional Conference Organiser (PCOs) in compliance with the rules set out in the Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

The platform publishes the following types of Educational Grants:

  • (Type A):
    Educational grants to support Third Party Organised Educational Events (including attendance of HCPs, support of faculty as well as support to the general running of the event).
  • (Type B):
    - Scholarships and fellowships.
    - Grants for public awareness campaigns.

Mecomed Members are responsible for the information they publish in this platform. Therefore, should you have an inquiry regarding a specific Educational Grant, you can contact the Mecomed compliance committee ([email protected]).

Data published on Transparent Mecomed platform will be accessible to Mecomed Members only.

Which countries are covered?

Currently, the system covers: All GCC Countries excluding KSA (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman) for data of 2023.


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==> How to submit data online (Video Tutorial)

  • Member companies are required to strictly use the transparency template when uploading data.
  • Also, Member companies can add new line / or edit data directly on the online template.

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Reporting Period

  • Disclosures shall be made on an annual basis and each Reporting Period shall cover a full calendar year. The calendar year of Mecomed starts 1st January and ends 31st December every year.
  • The annual disclosure timeframe to follow the schedule published on the Mecomed disclosure platform.
  • Mecomed Member Companies should disclose all Educational Grants by the 30th of June of the disclosure year.
  • The disclosures shall be made available to Mecomed Members only by the 1st September of the disclosure year.
  • The disclosure data will be available for three years from the submission year.


The information published in this platform is provided in good faith by medical technology companies to increase transparency with regards to the support they provide for medical education purposes. This support is provided in different ways and the calculation of the amounts indicated may vary from company to company depending on many factors which are reflected in each company’s methodological note (see the Disclosure Guidelines, included in the Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practice).

The information contained in this platform is provided for information and for reference, but neither Mecomed nor the reporting company make any representation as to the pertinence of the information for any other use