Mecomed- connecting the dots

Rami Rajab, Chairman, Mecomed

MECOMED, the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Trade Association covers the MENA region consisting of 21 countries* of different shape, size, economy and population.

In this Patchwork, and despite the moving crises, both economical and political, the emerging need of a better, more efficient and higher quality healthcare is clear everywhere. With the notable growth of population, the improved life expectancy and the advances in education and communication, the need for a sustainable development in the healthcare is a strategic requirement for all governments.

We, at Mecomed, are conscious of the needs of the Region and are working closely with authorities, regulators, purchasing bodies and healthcare professionals to help ensure that the best and most efficient technologies used to screen, diagnose and treat patients are available, used properly and are cost efficient.

We have pledged good citizenship and we guarantee that our actions, business practice and daily behavior follow a strict code of conduct. By doing so, we ensure an ethical and compliant interaction with all stakeholders within our markets for the benefit of the society and mostly, for the benefit of the Patient, since for us, the Patient comes first. Visit our website at and learn more about our Vision, Members and our working committees.

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