Leapfrogging HealthCare Systems in Emerging Economies

Maher Abouzeid, President & CEO, GE Healthcare Turkey and Middle East

One of the major topics in HealthCare globally is the lack of sustainability of Healthcare models in emerging markets. I moderated last weekend during the World Economic Forum for Middle East & North Africa in Jordan a round table discussion around the Private sector role Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in supporting the public (MOH) in building an efficient and sustainable system, taking the best of existing models in mature markets and capitalizing on INNOVATION to accelerate the development of achieving results faster & better than developed countries. Our markets will benefit from past learning and can have more freedom to reform their systems because they are less burdened by path dependencies and consequently will be cost-effective & scalable.

  • New Technology
  • New Operating Models
  • New Behavior Patterns

Examples from South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia were shared and I strongly believe we have a golden opportunity to start the process in some GCC countries. We are at a cross road in a country like U.A.E to “Imitate or Innovate” knowing the long history of innovation in U.A.E., I am confident we will opt for INNOVATING our HealthCare system towards a sustainable model.

The successful design and implementation of such innovative solution require effective PPP as a critical enabler, mainly private financing of health.
We looked at the main challenges of PPP, from the legal frameworks to policies and regulations alongside funding mechanisms.

Green field Healthcare PPPs are complex and require significant structuring changes at all levels (Turkey PPP is a live example). The recommendation of our session is to start mainly with Disease-Focused PPP’s (Cardiology / Oncology) or even Care Area PPP (NICU).Managing the vertical at all levels of care (Awareness, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Follow up……) to connect the verticals at a later stage in a one integrated outcome based care system.
Exciting moments ahead and we are well positioned to play a major role in our respective countries.

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