Membership Benefits


Mecomed spearheads initiatives to work closely with healthcare officials in the MENA countries.
Thus, Mecomed coordinates efforts helping set credible healthcare standards for the region. In addition to that, Mecomed puts the core competencies of its constituent members to formulate, evolve and sustain ethical business practices.


The Value We Add

  1. Enable faster access to the latest medical technology and innovation.
  2. Partner with and bring together all the different stakeholders of
    MedTech industry.
  3. Help shape an ethical and sustainable healthcare environment.
  4. One voice in addressing issues facing the industry and healthcare in general.
  5. Direct channel of communication with healthcare authorities across the region.

Members Advantages

  1. Access to regulatory bodies and authorities in the region.
  2. Access to market data.
  3. Regulatory requirements update.
  4. Conference Vetting system.
  5. Compensation benchmark.
  6. Legal and compliance updates.
  7. Share best practices.