Chairman’s Message


Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do at MECOMED.

This has been our single-minded focus since our inception in 2007, and for over a decade now, we have worked as a unifying voice for the medical technology industry in the Middle East and Africa region.

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of best practices and accountability, and working with multiple stakeholders, we continuously strive to maintain a compliant and regulated market place that ensures patient safety through our initiatives and policies.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals work towards bringing together healthcare stakeholders to foster good citizenship, encourage value-based healthcare, and work proactively with governments to increase patient access to the latest, cutting-edge industry innovations.

Today, our growing pool of member-companies are equally driven and committed to bringing these innovations to the region, while adhering to the guidelines of ethics and safety.

Our deep sense of responsibility to the people of this region has served as our compass – guiding us to achieve fulfilling and impactful milestones.

Today and through the hard work of our teams we have managed to attain a position of positively influencing the health care ecosystem by partnering with governments and international bodies to foster a spirit of transparency and ethical practice and by helping in building local capacities.

In 2018, we reached another key milestone. Aligning with the global industry principles, we implemented a new Code of Ethical Business Practice in the region, to phase out the direct sponsorship of healthcare professionals by Medical Technology companies for third-party educational events, enabling them to devote more resources to high-impact training and education to provide better, more effective healthcare services.

In 2015, we implemented the Conference Vetting System (CVS) which assesses all third-party medical events in the region to ensure compliance with set guidelines that have been created to guarantee uniformity, transparency and increased quality of content.

We also continue to work closely with various authorities, to support and collaborate with them in reviewing and executing regulations, frameworks and guidelines that help build a reliable industry, which safeguards both the citizens and our member companies.

With the support and cooperation of our member companies, we have grown in size and influence, and continue to build a lasting legacy of positive change and growth.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to elevating healthcare standards in the region and in positioning MEA at the forefront of global industry standards and initiatives.

Rami Rajab,