Conference Vetting System

CVS is an independently managed system which reviews the compliance of Third-Party Educational Events with Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practice to determine the appropriateness for companies which are members of Mecomed to provide financial support to such events in the form of Educational Grants or commercial activities (e.g. booths, advertising, satellite symposia etc.).

Members of Mecomed and their Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), cannot provide support to any Third Party Educational Event, unless it is assessed compliant by CVS in advance. Furthermore, the decisions rendered by the CVS Compliance Officer are binding on Mecomed members and their TPIs. In practice, this means that no support can be provided to a Third Party Educational Event which is assessed “non-compliant” by CVS.


The review process is based on a set of 7 criteria of equal weight in the assessment process, as follows:

  • The scientific programme
  • The geographic location
  • The conference venue
  • Hospitality
  • Registration fees
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Communication support


  • Submissions must be made online via the EthicalMedTechConference Vetting System website:
  • Submission must be done 75 days prior to the Event starting date
  • Needed documents and information to finalize the assessment:
    1. Communication support (Website, Brochure or flyer)
    2. Name of the venue
    3. Detailed agenda of the program
    4. Registration fees and Sponsorship packages
  • No charges apply when submitting an Event in CVS
  • Different stakeholders can do submissions in CVS:
    1. Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs)
    2. MedTech / Mecomed Members and their TPIs
    3. Medical Societies and Healthcare Organizations (HCOs)
  • Submissions are done by accessing and following the steps outlined on the website