Qusai Al-Sayyed


Managing Director, Middle East, bioMérieux

Qusai Al-Sayyed is the Managing Director at bioMérieux in the Middle East, based in Dubai/U.A.E. Responsible of running bioMerieux overall business across the region (Gulf, Levant, as well as Pakistan).

Qusai is having more than 18 years of experience in Healthcare sector, and in particular, IVD business.

Since his appointment in 2010, Qusai contributed significantly to the development of his company’s business in the region, interacting with many stakeholders between: Partners, HCP, regulatory bodies like sFDA, JFDA as well as insurance companies.
In addition, he is the vigilance manager for his region, taking care of all quality aspects related to business processes.

Qusai is eager to more adhere to bioMérieux’s strategies and policies to augment it to the region’s business in a compliant way, tailoring all applicable global initiatives, to local level within stakeholders, especially partners; to safely land with healthy, compliant and up-to-standards, business processes.

Prior to joining bioMérieux, Qusai Al-Sayyed was the Sales Manager at Becton Dickinson (BD Bioscience) in Saudi Arabia.