Harald Wolf


General Manager, Roche Diagnostics FZCO

Harald Wolf, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East since 2016, is a seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics field, a recognised leader in international Point of Care diagnostics in diverse markets, and a strong advocate of people empowerment.

In his current position, he holds the responsibility for directing the Roche Diagnostics business in 16 countries in the Middle East region.

Harald is credited with more than 25 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors, having started with Boehringer Mannheim in 1986, and has continued to excel and progress upwards, holding some key management positions at Roche Diagnostics, with roles in both local and global marketing. In recognition of his leadership qualities, he was posted to advance the Roche Diagnostics business in international markets, performing a regional role with a remit that included marketing and commercial responsibilities across countries including Romania, Switzerland, the United States and Germany.

In addition to his role at Roche Diagnostics Middle East, Harald is the Head of the Working Group for Point of Care (POC), a body that oversees the implementation of the Point of Care diagnostics business strategy in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Harald has advocated diversity and inclusion in the workplace throughout his career, promoting gender equality in a typically male-dominated pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry. In Europe, under his management, more than 50 per cent of leadership positions were held by women, and within his direct leadership team, 35 per cent. At Roche Diagnostics Middle East, the percentage of women leaders has climbed to 33 per cent during his time as General Manager to date.